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I really enjoy creating this content, but unfortunately it comes with a cost. There's the recording equipment and software, the components I use both on and off screen, but the biggest cost is in my time. The more financial support I have, the more time I can justify spending on this.

By supporting Articulated Robotics, you enable me to spend more of my time:

  • Preparing videos and other educational resources
  • Listening to and helping our community
  • Writing open-source code to improve our whole industry

So if you've found any of my content useful, or interesting, or you just want to support the creation of freely available robotics and engineering resources, please consider supporting me!

The best way to support me is by becoming a patron on Patreon using the button below (or this link if the button isn't working).

Become a Patron!

Alternatively, if you'd prefer to make a one-off donation, you can do so via Ko-Fi using the button below.
Note: the currency used is AUD so double-check the conversion first. Also the interface is a bit confusing but you can enter any integer dollar amount above $4.

Support on Ko-Fi


If you're not able to contribute financially, but are able to help answer questions at the bottom of posts or over at the Discourse forum that is greatly appreciated!

Likewise opening pull requests on the various GitHub repos is appreciated so that others can see them, although I can be very slow to action these.